Zaytun Mediterranean Grill

2286 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY 40205

The Trio

The Trio

Zaytun was just voted one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in Louisville according to Leo magazine, and I would have to agree after the couple visits I’ve had there in the past year! Check them out on Facebook or see their menu here.

I have always ordered the classic gyro and Greek salad- it is a great deal and loaded with fresh ingredients. The hummus trio is great to share; you can get the Egyptian, Phoneician, and Tunisian (two spicier options and one for wimpy people like me who can’t handle much kick- but all have great flavor). If you happen to visit Zaytun and they mention fried chicken salad balls as a special- get them! I was lucky to try them once and they’ve never made them again (hint hint, Zaytun, I love them and want more!). Next time I plan to check out the $8 bottle of wine after 8 pm deal. And with my sweet tooth, I’m surprised I haven’t tried their baklava yet.

Service has always been great and the waiters are friendly. The restaurant has a bigger space and better ambiance now that they have remodeled. It’s the perfect location for a date, a group of friends to get together for dinner, or even grab takeout. Zaytun can be dressed up or dressed down which I appreciate, as well. Be sure to use your Spot On card if you have one, too!

Classic Gyro

Classic Gyro

Greek salad

Greek salad


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