2730 Frankfort Avenue Louisville, KY 40206

We were in need of a date night and Porcini seemed like just the place. Intimate atmosphere with dimmed lighting was perfect for a dinner out on a Saturday night. We were seated at a two person table close to others on either side. You may want to ask to sit elsewhere if this would bother you.

I like Porcini because of its fancy ambiance and that you can make it as reasonably priced or expensive as you please. We went for a more reasonably priced date night. I’m going to apologize now for not taking pictures of our meal. It’s kind of a fancy place and we were seated closely to people on either side–I thought multiple camera flashes would annoy others.

We started out with wine ($7-12 a glass) and the lightly fried artichoke appetizer served with a creamy citrus sauce (yummy!). My boyfriend got the grilled romaine salad with a flavorful tomato creamy dressing and I chose the field greens with beets and goat cheese, both were unique delicious salads. My boyfriend is still raving about his! The other salad options sounded great, as well. We then split the pollo e carciofi pizza, which had grilled chicken, artichokes, pesto, parmigiano, and mozzarella– very good but not my favorite. I thought we ordered the perfect amount of food and my boyfriend left feeling full too. I really wanted to order everything on the menu but then I wouldn’t be able to walk out of the restaurant.

Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere, the servers were friendly and attentive (I don’t think my water glass was every half empty), and the food was great! Oh, and we decided it’s probably not a place to take someone you’re trying to keep in the friend zone.


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