Earth Friends Cafe

829 East Market Street Louisville, KY 40206

My friend from home was visiting this weekend and I was nervous to pick out a restaurant to take her to because her diet is generally free of gluten, soy, and dairy. Are you stuck thinking of a place too? Well that’s how I felt until I found Earth Friends Cafe & Coffee Bar. Although they don’t have gluten free bread products, they do have the option to make many things on their menu “naked.” They also have vegetarian and vegan options as well if your visitor or yourself aren’t carnivorous.

Inside was cute and casual but it was a beautiful day so we sat out on their little patio area. The staff was very friendly and didn’t rush us during our leisurely breakfast and catching up session. There was some breakfast/brunch traffic but no one had to wait for a table this Saturday morning around 9 am-12 pm.

We started with coffee which was from The Buena Vista Roastery in Colorado and tasted delicious. They even had almond milk, which is a plus coming from my dairy-free friend. Coffee is $3 and has free refills, not bad at all. Some other breakfast drink options are hot tea from Louisville Tea Co., housemade chai tea latte, and Americano.

In house coffee

In house coffee

Earth Friends Cafe also serves beer ($2.50-10 for 12 oz) and gluten-free beer (Green’s and Crabbie’s). They even make interesting beer cocktails such as the Red Neck Mimosa which is an Upland Wheat with OJ.

We both thought the Mediterranean breakfast burrito sounded amazing but she got hers naked without the tortilla. My egg white burrito was very fresh with spinach, roasted red peppers, artichokes, and just the right amount of feta. My tortilla was perfectly toasted to hold everything together but my 2nd half did get a little soggy since I was too busy talking to eat quickly. The breakfast classics come with one side so we chose the roasted red potatoes which were cooked well with a little crispness in the peel. Overall, I thought it was great value for $9.50. My friend also got their homemade vegan biscuit on the side which was very dense and tasty with their grape jelly. Other side options include farm fresh eggs, tempeh (soy) bacon, nut sausage, seasonal fruit cup, yogurt with housemade granola, toasted brioche or toasted nine grain bread, and ezekiel sprouted english muffin. Sides are $3 a la carte.

Mediterranean Breaksfast Burrito and roasted red potatoes

Mediterranean Breaksfast Burrito and roasted red potatoes

Naked Mediterranean Breaksfast Burrito and roasted red potatoes and homemade vegan biscuit

Naked Mediterranean Breaksfast Burrito and roasted red potatoes and homemade vegan biscuit

Their other breakfast classics include chipotle chicken breakfast burrito, efc vegan breakfast burrito, breakfast naan quesadilla, spiced black bean breakfast burrito, and “sausage” (nut) egg and cheese biscuit for $9-10 each and all come with one side. Their breakfast specialties are housemade vegan biscuits and gravy, vegan pancakes, yogurt parfait, housemade vegan jumbo muffin, and english muffin with peanut butter, ranging in price $3-7.

Lunch is served every day and dinner Wednesday through Saturday, offering vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore (chicken or turkey) wraps and sandwiches, as well as vegan soups, vegan rice bowls, and salads. Prices range $7.95-10.95 and include one side.

Earth Friends Cafe is open Monday-Tuesday 8 am-3 pm, Wednesday-Friday 8 am-9 pm, Saturday 9 am-9 pm, and Sunday 9 am-3 pm. Check out their facebook page for tonight’s dinner special and most up-to-date info or their official website.


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