Sake Blue

9326 Cedar Center Way Louisville, KY 40291

Sake Blue was the location for our anniversary dinner a couple weeks ago. It’s our tradition to go out for sushi because we had sushi on our first date. I’ve been hearing about Sake Blue since I moved to Louisville but it’s about a half hour outside of downtown so I hadn’t made it there yet. It turned out to be a good location to celebrate!

In addition to our usual seaweed salad, house salad, and miso soup, we started with the Panko Love Cado, which is deep fried avocado and crab drizzled with creamy wasabi and mango sauce. It looks weird but it’s pretty good IF you really like avocado.

seaweed salad

seaweed salad

house salad

house salad

miso soup

miso soup

We then got two signature rolls- the Las Vegas and the Angry Ex-wife (one of the specials), which was served “on fire” (aka the plate surrounding the sushi roll was set on fire). I couldn’t handle the jalepeno in the Angry Ex-wife, but loved it otherwise. I would definitely recommend the Las Vegas roll- first time having mozzarella in my sushi but it was pretty good.

Las Vegas roll

Las Vegas

Angry Ex-Wife

Angry Ex-Wife

You can also sit at a grill for a Hibachi dinner. Get vegetable, chicken, steak, salmon, swordfish, lobster tail, scallops, etc!

Check out their menu on their website. Sake Blue is open for lunch Monday-Friday 11:30 am-2:30 pm and dinner 5-10 pm (4:30-11 pm on Fridays); Saturday 11:30 am-11 pm; and Sunday 12 pm-9:30 pm.


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