Palermo Viejo

1359 Bardstown Road Louisville, KY 40204

I had no idea what to imagine when I made reservations at Palermo Viejo, an Argentinian restaurant in the Highlands. I had heard great reviews so I decided to take my friend visiting from home in Columbus. Overall, we enjoyed our dinner, our guest was happy, and we plan on returning!

We walk into an intimate atmosphere with exposed brick and wood accents. The kitchen is open and can be seen from our table. There’s not much seating space but there seemed to be enough to accommodate their Saturday evening crowd as there were still a couple open tables during our dining experience at 7 pm. A few people can also sit at the bar. Although the restaurant isn’t very big, they have room for a big party. Palermo does take reservations.

Our waitress was friendly and very present without hovering throughout the evening. You know I love when my servers provide their menu recommendations and hers were spot on!

My friend and I started with a bottle of reasonably priced Malbec, Misterio, for $20 which we enjoyed while my boyfriend had a bottle of BBC Amber for a great price of $3.25. Glasses of wine ranged $5.50-10. We also ordered the cocida appetizer which included grilled asparagus, smoked provolone, portabella milanesa (fried thinly sliced portabella mushrooms), roasted tomato, and sweet potato frieds with a dijon mustard dipping sauce. We enjoyed the variety for $7 while we waited for our entrees. We were also served a fluffy white bread with a good crust and whipped butter which was easy to spread.



My friend and I split the Chupin de Pescado (tilapia) and the Pollo a la Portuguesa de Carmen (chicken) while my boyfriend had the Milanesa de Pollo with a side of whipped potatoes. I would say the price for quality and portion size is perfect here. We all had leftovers and were comfortably full after our meal. Entrees range in price $13-28. If you happen to be a vegetarian, there are 3 entree and 6 appetizer options on the menu which are labeled as such.

The chupin de pescado ($14) was our favorite. The fish was perfectly cooked and easily fell apart with a fork. The vegetables were fresh, potatoes were just right, and it was seasoned well to pull it all together.

Chupin de Pescado

Chupin de Pescado

The pollo a la Portuguesa de Carmen ($15) consisted of pan seared chicken breasts in a fresh tomato, yellow pepper, and onion sauce served on top of whipped potatoes. We liked this dish but the potatoes were a little overwhelming. Similar to the prior entree, the chicken was cooked well, vegetables were fresh, and overall it was seasoned well.

Pollo a la Portuguesa de Carmen

Pollo a la Portuguesa de Carmen

The Milanesa de pollo was melted goodness for $13. Milanesas are typical Argentinian cuisine per the menu. The steak, chicken, or portabella mushroom, whichever you choose, is breaded with garlic and parsley, pan sauteed, and served with ham, mozzarella, provolone, fresh tomatoes, oregano. This dish really reminded me of an Italian entree and was loaded with cheese as you can see in the picture. He also ordered a side of pure de papa (whipped potatoes) for $4 which are pictured below so you can see a portion of a side item. I didn’t think they were anything to write home about, but they were fine.

Milanesa de Pollo

Milanesa de Pollo

Pure de Papa

Pure de Papa

Palermo Viejo is open Tuesday-Thursday 5-9 pm and Friday-Saturday 5-9:45 pm. Closed Sunday-Monday. They don’t have a website, but you can check them out on Facebook (which has pictures of the menu), Yelp and All Menus.



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